A fresh look at reshaping philanthropy to encourage more people to give and people to give more

Philanthropy in the UK

The Philanthropy Review has now published its Charter and call-to-action to encourage more people to give and people to give more.

The Philanthropy Review Board, made up of leaders from the world of philanthropy, business and the charitable sector came together in December 2010 to deliver an independent review into philanthropy in the UK.

In its recommendations, the Board has identified measures and mechanisms to reshape philanthropy in this country and encourage more people to give, and people to give more.

We recognise that charitable giving in Britain urgently needs a major boost. And in this context, as funding for vital services is reduced by the state, the role of philanthropy becomes ever more important. A structural shift in giving will be needed if society is to be supported effectively through these very difficult times.

The key actions and policy changes detailed in the Philanthropy Review Charter will allow giving to flourish at a time when charities need it most, and will build a stronger culture of philanthropy in the longer term.

The Philanthropy Review Charter was unveiled at a launch event at the Mansion House, central London, on June 21.